Police murder 16 year old in cold blood!

A policeman has shot and killed with a bullet through the heart, a young 16 year old in Eksarchia, Athens.

In Saturday evening, the state murderers were patrolling the streets of Eksarchia when  people started shouting at them. In cold blood, one of the policemen shot and killed one of the crowd, a 16 year old child.

All around Athens, enraged comrades are confronting the police.

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A police car patroling in Exarchia, central Athens, passing through Mesologgiou cobbled street (considered an alternative place with music, bars etc and lots of youth in the streets, so we can easily assume the police car was sent there to provoke and harass the youth), was confronted by a few young people, shouting to the policemen to get lost. There are a few reports that an empty bottle or a brick was thrown to the police car. The cops went out of the car provoking the youth and one of the pigs shot against one 15-16 year old boy, right on the heart, murdering him in cold blood. The name of the boy that stood up to the cops is Alexandros Grigoropoulos. Anarchists and residents gathered, but riot police forces circled the area. There are hundreds of policemen in the streets around central Athens.

Anarchists gather in squats, universities, and central squares at Greece's largets cities to protest and fight back the police... 

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Polis 16 yaşındaki genci acımasızca öldürdü!

Atina, Eksarchia bölgesinde polis 16 yaşındaki bir genci kalbinden vurarak öldürdü.

cumartesi gecesi, polisler Eksarchia sokaklarında devriye gezerken, kalabalığın bağırması üzerine polis memurlarından biri kalabalıkta bulunan 16 yaşındaki gençlerden birine ateş ederek öldürdü.

Atina'nın her tarafında öfkeli kalabalık polisi protesto ediyor.

(ΣΟ σβησε ή διορθωσε την παραπανω δημοσιευση με τους μαυρους χαρακτηρες..)

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Autonomer in Athen erschossen!
Anarchistischer Jugendliche liegt tot!

Wie die griechischen Medien gerade berichten, liegt ein 16-Jähriger tot auf der Strasse in der Athener Innenstadt. Nach schweren Auseinandersetzungen zwischen der Polizei und einer Gruppe vermummter Autonomen im alternativen Viertel Exarchia, kam es zu heftiger Schießerei seitens der Polizei. Momentan gibt es Protestaktion in Athen, Thessaloniki und in anderen Orten. Der griechische Indymedia wurde vor einer halben Stunde angegriffen.

από Evans 07/12/2008 2:10 πμ.

Η μετάφραση του first time translator μαζί με μια έκκληση για αποστολή γραμμάτων διαμαρτυρίας στην ελληνική πρεσβεία ανέβηκε στο ιρλανδικό ιντυ.

Πρόσφατα η Γκάρντα εδώ δεν καταδικάστηκε για τον μέχρι θανάτου ξυλοδαρμό του 20χρονου Terence Wheelock σε ΑΤ, υπόπτου για κλοπή ραδιόφωνου από αυτοκίνητο.

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Να μαζευτούν εδώ τα ξενόγλωσσα και να ανέβουν σε όσο το δυνατόν περισσότερα ξένα site και blogs. Οι του εξωτερικού, αρχίστε τις μεταφράσεις.

A 16 year old boy was shot dead by the cops in downtown Athens on Saturday December 06th 2008

The murder:
The police says that a police car at Exarchia was attacked by anarchists with rocks and bats and one of the cops shoot in the air (or ground) to scare them off and the bullet hit somewhere, changed course and hit the boy on the chest. However there are eye witnesses that state that there was no attack, only shouts against the cops and that the cop took a straight shot on the boy. The media also mentioned that there are leaks from inside the police verifying the eye witnesses but the official police statement denies that.

The aftermath:
After the murder of the 16 year old boy thousands of people filled with rage gathered and demonstrated in various places in Athens and other greek cities and started rioting and clashing with the police. There are reports about thousands anarchists, leftists and others that took the streets, also about tens of police departments attacked and hundreds of banks, cars, governmental buildings and shops smashed and set on fire. The clashes kept on until the early hours of Sunday morning.
Tomorrow, Sunday, demonstrations are taking place in tenths of greek cities and in some other European cities.

The history:
In 1985 also at Exarchia in central Athens, a 16 year old boy, Michalis Kaltezas, was shot dead by a cop, this time with a bullet in the back of his head. Again back then the reaction was very strong by the anarchists, the leftists and plain people disgusted but the police brutality. The classes with the police lasted for days.

The first pictures: http://athens.indymedia.org/front.php3?lang=el&article_id=933717
some articles (in english): http://en.wikinews.org/wiki/Killing_of_a_15_year_old_student_in_Greece
and it also in all the major corporate news sites.

More info to come

από LA 07/12/2008 8:09 πμ.

On Saturday 6th of December at around 10pm, two Greek policemen were in patrol in a central street by Exarchia square, in the center of Athens. They had a verbal argument with some young people who were there. During the argument, one of the cops pulled his gun and shot a 16-year-old guy twice. The victim was moved to Evangelismos Hospital to be found dead. According to eye-witnesses, the cop had been swearing against the young man, showing his genitals, before shooting him.

In a spontaneous response, thousands of people gathered in the centers of most of Greek cities. In Athens, people gathered outside Evangelismos Hospital, in order to prevent the cops from entering the building. A little later the riot police attacked in a street in Exarchia resulting to one person being arrested. The evening in Athens evolved with a spontaneous assembly in the Polytechnic University, a lot of riots in the whole center of Athens [photos][video], including attacks against police departments and banks, until the early hours of the next morning. Meanwhile, a spontaneous demonstration took place, but it was confronted by the riot police with tear gas. Three more University building, the Economic, the Pantion and the Law School have been occupied.

Rallies, demonstrations, direct actions and riots took place all around the country. In Thessaloniki, a big spontaneous demonstration took place, while 2 Police Departments were attacked, several bank departments were burnt and Egnatia str., the main street, was block by burning trash bins for hours. Reports have been also posted about actions in Yannena, Iraklio [photos], Chania, Komotini, Mitilini, Xanthi, Serres, Sparta, Alexandroupolis and Volos.

Demonstrations in all cities of Greece have been announced for tomorrow afternoon, starting at 1pm.

από eyewitness 07/12/2008 11:48 πμ.

To βάζω στο βελγικό ίντυ

όποιος/-α άλλος θέλει μπορεί να το χρησιμοποιήσει (και φυσικά να το διορθώσει ή συμπληρώσει) και να το βάλει όπου νομίζει

Un garçon de 16 ans assassiné par les flics au plein centre d’Athènes


Le soir du samedi 6 décembre 2008, dans le quartier d’Exarchia, au centre d’Athènes, un flic a tiré et tué un jeune homme de 16 ans, Alexandros Grigoropoulos. Alexandros a reçu une balle au plein cœur et a décédé avant même d’arriver à l’hôpital.

Exarchia est un endroit considéré alternatif, fréquenté par beaucoup de jeunes, y compris gauchistes, anarchistes et anti-autoritaires, mais il est à noter que, lors du meurtre, il n’y avait pas la moindre manif ou autre incident, que ce soit de nature politique ou pénale. Les flics ont été arrêtés et ils soutiennent qu’ils ont tiré « au sol » et « dans l’air », mais personne ne les croit, parce qu’il y a les donnés balistiques –mais aussi de témoins directs- qui les contredisent.

Le ministre d’ordre public et le chef de la police ont soumis leurs démissions au premier ministre Karamanlis, mais celui-ci ne les a pas acceptées.

Pendant la nuit, des émeutes, des occupations de facultés universitaires et des protestations spontanées ont eu lieu à Athènes mais aussi dans presque toutes les villes de Grèce. Aujourd’hui dimanche, des manifestations ont été programmés à Athènes et à Thessalonique par toutes les organisations de gauche contre la répression policière qui devient de plus en plus dure récemment.

από eyewitness 07/12/2008 11:58 πμ.


από dim 08/12/2008 3:13 πμ.

The day after the murder of the 16yo by the police and after a night of spontaneous demonstrations and fights with the police in various cities; a series of more organized demonstrations took place today. Thousands of people filled with rage and despair took the streets all over the country. Here are some brief reports.

Athens: The demonstration started at 2.30pm, numbered up to 10,000 people and was very powerful. On the way to the police headquarter, numerous banks, governmental buildings, car dealers and fancy cars were attacked and destroyed and some were set on fire. When the demo came near the police headquarter, the road was blocked by riot police and the heavy fights started. The police used huge amounts of tear gas and that you could smell from miles away and the demonstration broke in smaller parts. The cops were running after some small groups. Others stayed and fought back. The part that managed to reach the police headquarter was brutally attacked by the cops, that was around 5pm. From that point on many of the small or bigger groups were fighting the cops in the alleys and head to the universities. 2 more police stations were attacked with rocks and petrol bombs. Fights with the police were taking place on and off around the 3 major universities in downtown athens until midnight while police (plain, riot and undercover cops) are everywhere. There are many people arrested (exact number not known yet) and many people hurt by the cops. Witnesses say that people were beaten up by the cops after being arrested and handcuffed.

Thessaloniki: The demonstration numbered around 2000 people and on its way 2 police stations were attacked with rocks and petrol bombs. Banks and a ministry were also attacked. There were fights on many occasions, during and after the demonstration. After a point the fights were taking place around the university and kept going for a long time. The police used tear gas and also fired rubber bullets and  hit a demonstrator and had to hospitalized.

Volos: The demonstration was heading to the central police station when it found the street blocked by the riot police. Fights broke out and stones and other things were thrown to the cops. The police fired tear gas and the demonstration broke in two. Around 15 banks were smashed.

Patras: The demonstration head to the central police station were the riot cops were waiting. Fights started, rocks were thrown to the cops which threw tear gas in return and garbage cans were set on fire. A car near the police station was set on fire. Banks were also attacked and had their windows smashed. 5 people were arrested.

Iraklio: A demonstration of 600 people took place during which 10 or so banks were smashed. Afterwards there participants decided to class with the police, threw rocks and molotov cocktails and made fire barricades on the streets. The police responded with huge amounts of tear gas. People then headed to the central police station which was destroyed last night and attacked it again.

Ioannina: 500 people demonstrated and classed with the police. All the banks on the demo route where smashed. Rocks were thrown to the riot cops. 3-5 people were brutally beaten by the cops and some of them had to go to the hospital and get stitches. There might be 2 arrests

Kavala: There was no demonstration but the central police station was attacked with rocks and petrol bombs. 3 banks were also smashed.

Chania: 250 people headed to the central police station. On their way they attacked on a police bureau, a bureau of the government party and 2 banks. When they reached the police station they clashed with the riot police. Throwing rocks and sticks. They police used tear gas. Afterwards they attacked and broke the windows of 5-6 more banks.

Corfu: The demonstrated of about 200 people reached the central police station where slogans were written on the walls and threw eggs, paint and other objects and smashed some of its windows.

Mitilini: 150 people smashed some surveillance cameras, banks, a ministry and some more governmental buildings. Slogans were written on walls.

Demonstrations took place in other smaller cities such as Kozani, Arta, Tripoli where the people confronted with the police and slogans were sprayed on walls.

A new round of demonstrations is arranged for tomorrow, Monday, in Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras, Karditsa, Larisa, Korintho, Naxos, Arta, Chania and probably more.

In some european cities, gatherings and demonstrations are organized, some in UK, Germany and Netherlands.

από dim 09/12/2008 11:53 μμ.

During the night there were attacks on police stations, banks and other targets, the number of which is still unknown.

The day started early on Monday. Students at highschools across the country had meetings this morning and decided to protest and show their rage for the murder and the police. The students walked out of the classrooms, some schools were occupied and on others the students demonstrated, stopping the traffic in major roads and setting barricades. This has happened in dozens of cities, even the smaller ones. Slogans were shouted and painted on walls and in some cities the students attacked the cops and their stations, setting fire barricades on the streets, and turning police cars upside down. In Athens, in many neighborhoods, suburbs and downtown, there were big demonstrations by students in the morning, a big number of which classed with the police and there were arrests. The police reactions were very strong against the students (14-17 year old kids) and even the corporate media, who usually follow the police views and cover up their acts, showed riot cops brutally abusing and beating 15 yo boys and girls.

What happened later, in the afternoon and night is still unclear. For sure there were thousands of people in the streets rioting, clashing with the police and smashing banks, corporate shops and governmental buildings. The media talk about huge disasters and they show videos of rioting and burning buildings and cars but there are no independent reports since the local Indymedia center is down all day due to heavy traffic and perhaps attacks from the police. The government is holding meetings all day and there is a rumor going on in the news that it will declare a state of emergency.

There is need for international solidarity. Please mention the subject on your local infoshop, squat, anarchist talking group and organize gatherings outside the greek embassies and consulates. Print and handout pamphlets about the situation and protest against the police brutality everywhere.
So far, the greek embassies in London (UK) and Berlin (Germany) were occupied, demonstrations took place in Hamburg (Germany), Paris (France), Verne (Switzerland),Leukosia (Cyprus) outside the greek embassies, in Croatia where the embassy was attacked and probably more.

THE STATE MURDERS! - communique by the Polytechnic School Occupation in Athens

από dim 09/12/2008 11:57 μμ.

Third day and forth night of the revolt in Greece: Thousands on the streets, classes with the police, funeral of Alexis, police opens fire again, right-wing thugs and neo-nazis helping the cops.

The police had completely lost control yesterday, so on Tuesday they used every mean possible to gain control of the situation. The riot cops attacked the protesters in many occasions for no reason, trying to break up even the peaceful protesters, took out the guns and opened fire, made numerous arrests, used huge amounts of tear gas in urban areas and thousand of residents had trouble breathing.

On Tuesday morning, thousands of highschool students were on the streets again. In many cities they classed with the police and there were arrests. During the past 2 days in EVERY greek city, even the smaller ones there were demonstrations and attacks on police stations and banks by students and others.

The media are covering the police and they follow the police's guiding lines trying to make the people turn against the protesters. They are trying to scare the people and stop them from participating on the revolt. They also mislead the viewers, saying that the anarchists are burning down small businesses and shops without showing any images. However the vast majority of the attacked and burned buildings are banks, governmental buildings (ministries etc), multinational businesses and big corporations.   

Today the funeral of Alexis took place and the police in many occasions used violence to stop students that were heading to the cemetery to attend. However thousands of students and people showed up. The streets around the cemetery were full. The police was also there when they had no right to be and they were provocative as always. Reports say that riot cops were shouting to students things as “Where is Alexis now?” and “You will be next”. Of course the people reacted and started throwing rocks at them and setting fire barricades. The police's plan was obviously to break up the people attending the funeral and they used tear gas and their sticks on students who where there for the funeral of their friend. One (at least) cop, took out his gun and fired 15 shots! The police said that it was only one shot because he was alone and he was surrounded and attacked by anarchists but the shots from cameras are different. At the moment of shooting, there is a group of about 15 bike cops together, the protesters are far away and the cop just takes his gun out and start firing in the air!
Photos and video of the shooting: http://athens.indymedia.org/front.php3?lang=el&article_id=937475

In the afternoon the demonstrations and classes continued in many cities. In Athens and Thessaloniki around the universities, in Patras protesters try to reach the Central police station. In smaller cities the same.

In Patras right-wing thugs and members of neo-nazi groups together with undercover cops are helping the police (this it not the first time that they act together, there is a huge issue in greece about their collaboration in numerous occasions) by hunting protesters and throwing rocks at them. Even the city mayor confirmed that! In the early 90's, in the city of Patras, in a similar situation, a teacher was MURDERED by a right-wing thug (at the time he was a member of the then and now in power party) who was again helping the police, during school strikes. The thugs are in groups of 10-20 people, carrying sticks and knives, organized by the cops are walking around in the streets trying to find protesters. A protester was STUBBED! The media say they are plain people and shop owners trying to protect their stores but this is not true since there are reports that only the police, banks and governmental building were attacked in Patras. Lies, lies, lies by the media!

Right-wing thugs and members of the Chrisi Augi (neo-nazi group) seem to work together with the police in other cities too. There are reports of a girl stubbed in Athens and protesters and immigrants attacked! It's hard to gather information. The media keep lying about shop-owners and raged residents...

Tenths of gatherings and demonstrations outside greek embassies and consulates took place across europe! There is need for international solidarity!

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