Ο6.Ι2.Ο8... 15 year old Alexandros Grigoropoulos is coldbloodedly murdered by a cop in the downtown Athens neighbourhood of Exarcheia. At that instant, extensive protest and rioting breaks out in allmost every city and town and Greece. Symbols of state and capitalist establishment were -mostly- targetted by the demonstrators. It is evident that this murder has spurred an outburst of anger and social defiance, still present in the streets (not only those of Greece, since this revolt has found ground in other countries in Europe and worlwide). 
The "social truce" pact has been broken...
* Cause, they muck up our life, day by day, every single day. They want us working until we drop dead (retirement at one's 65 or even 67 years of age). Unable, as we are already, to meet our basic needs, we see the establishment continously trying to make things even more difficult for us. We are blackmailed into selling our workforce to them capitalist bandits, having to put up even with accelerating risks of death in work "accidents".
Cause, they are trying to get rid of any leftovers of the, onetime, "social security". They robbed the worker's funds of their money, investing it in "toxic" papers and other such stockmarket banditry. At the same time, the Greek government gives out 28 billion Euro of public money to uphold the banker's, the ship-owner's and the industrialist's economy that is going through crisis. At the same time the high-ranking political personel of the local establishment enjoy immunity from law in a long series of economical-political scandals. They have the attitude of master where the civilians are seen as slaves. All these scandals, however, stem out of the biggest scandal of all: the exploitation of man by the other man, capitalism.
* Cause, in the schools social exclusion grows worse every day. The schools are turned into examination-centers and sites of enforced heavy toil. Places that rob us of our life and time, conditioning us to be the subdued (to the bosses) workers and (to the state) subjects
of tommorow. Conditioning us to be the slaves of tommorow. Cause more and more people who have made it to university see their future being precarious and uncertain.
* Cause, more and more pupils are thrown out of the educational procedure because of working class exclusion (the newlly enforced, limit on grades).
* Cause, the establishment does not at the least care about the enviroment. It continues to burn down the Greek forests and turn them into building lots, for the profit of business, while at the same time it poses the blame for the devestating wildfires on made up ..."assymetric threats".
* Cause, whole shiploads of refugees end up in ghettos of slaves or in concentration camps, without having papers, without having any rights, living in a continous "hostage" (to the state) situation.
* Cause, any protesting that crosses the tight limits of their, so called, democracy, is brutally repressed by murderers in uniforms.
* Cause, more and more people are condemned to total misery, thrown into dungeons wich the state has the nerve to call "mind-changing institutions" (jails). Dungeons where inhumane conditions and constant torture prevail.
But in these last years more and more people took to the sreets protesting. Students, pupils, workers, immigrants, teachers, prisoners and all those who energetically and dynamically fight for what is their own and their right. Struggles have emerged that have been slandered. And all the establishment's efforts were on repressing these struggles. But since Saturday 6 December it has been proven that these struggles were not in vain. All we, the ones that were considered as "spectators" of their own misery, all we who give our lifeblood for some precarious survival, we took the road of revolt. Barricades were built and we clashed with them, unsubdued, making "cracks" in the established order. This must go on. No one should go back to everyday normality.
They are freaking afraid of us. That's the only sure thing. That's why they slander us, that's why they "drown" us tear gas and arrest us. That's why a pre-organized propaganda by all the mainsteam media is slandering us in ways that would make Goebbels's (the propaganda minister of the Nazi regime) methods look like a nursery garden. That's why they draw one of their last cards on the table, unleishing on the streets agents of the "shadow-state", fascists and other murderers. That's why they are trying to bulshit everybody about "blind-violence" and "hooded protesters". Cause the people who are conscious of what is happening today very well understand that some broken window sheet is not at all blind violence. Not when it is broken by some 15 year old who's life's dreams have beeen wiped out. It is not blind violence when some people who have not even enough money to eat take off with some loot from stores. It is not blind violence to attack murderers. That's why they go on about "hooded protesters", so that they can slander, all those who, as minimum means of self-protection, choose to cover their faces from the eyes of state repression and it's lackeys. Enough with bourgeois bullshit: the only window-sheet that has been broken is that of "law-abiding culture" and subdued attitudes.
All those who have lost any power on the use of their own lives, know that the door that leads from protesting to revolt is always open. It is time we all choose sides on this.

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