Today's static demo Edinburgh (overview)

A static demo took place today at 5:00pm in W. Parliament Square (Edin).

A static demo took place today at 5:00pm in W. Parliament Square (Edin). There were around 30 people. Leaflets were distributed to pass-byers informing the on Alexis murder, the current situation in Greece, and the solidarity actions taking place now around the world. Leaflets were also distributed containing a text written by the General Assembly of the Occupied Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece) calling for solidarity action around the world and containing information (date,time and place) on the local action to be held soon.

There were not many police present, nonetheless, they were quite intimidating by threatening to confiscate a loudspeaker with music ("because of health and safety reasons(section 55?), the volume should be turned down") and gave a "first and only caution" threatening to make arrests if protesters crossed an invisible line which they decided was necessary to prevent obstruction of other pedestrians. PIGS ----

Next solidarity MARCH on Saturday the 20th of Dec, 6:00pm at W.Parliament Square.

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