25 are prosecuted under the counter-terrorism law in Larisa

The 25 arrestees in Larisa -among which 17 highschool students- are prosecuted according to the counter-terrorism law.

The 25 arrestees in Larisa are prosecuted according to the counter-terrorism law. The prosecutions under this law are -at least to this moment- an unique practice during the revolt, wherever there were riots besides Athens. This is the result of an operation of terrorizing the city population, that took place in Larisa and was conducted by the state and the local authorities, during the uprising. The junta that today runs greece considers 16-year-olds, many of which were caught in "blind arrests", similarly to many more people in Athens and elsewhere, as terrorists.

Three texts follow: a communique by an initiative for solidarity of the arrestees in Larisa, a proclamation from a parent of one of the students, and a somewhat descriptive article from a newspaper.

από No justice, no peace 22/12/2008 6:47 πμ.


The cold blooded murder of 15-year-old Alexandros Grigoropoulos was the spark that ignited the youth and social uprising that has been manifesting itself in the streets of the whole country.

What is happening these last days has much deeper causes: the repeated and not "isolated" breaking of the law by the representatives of the state, of the capital and all the governments, the corruption, the scandals, the unemployment, the profit-making church business, the repression, the desperation born out of poverty, the commercialization of every aspect of life and education, the lack of vision for the young. And if one asks why the reaction is violent, it's because its causes are violent too.

The government, in order to repel by any means necessary the wave of protest that threatens to drown it, fought it with murderous oppression and with the enlistment of all the official and unofficial security apparatuses, with mass terrorism, with large scale arrest and detentions.

At the same time their familiar reserves of the media trusts were used, in order to create an atmosphere filled with destruction talk, destruction "lust" and provocateur talk.

In our city, the orgy of terrorism is unprecedented.

They arrested 25 Larisans of which 17 are underage students at the city schools, and the rest university students, and young immigrants.

Some of the 16-year-olds, including female students, were brutally beaten, while their parents weren't notified [about the arrests] and the lawyers, under various excuses, were prohibited from seeing them. And, most important, they all are being prosecuted with the exact same charges [for exactly the same deeds] of offenses that weren't attributed even to the [armed organization] "17 of November", for felonies, according to the anti-terrorism law.

It is the first time the anti-terrorism law is activated in order to crack down a movement.

Some of the outrageous charges pressed against them are:
"participation in a gathering, ...formation of a team/criminal organization that was structured and had continuous activity, which wasn't formed on occasion but had a permanent and steady profile and an infrastructure of such extent and potential, that possessed various technical means of every kind..."

Except for these, the accused comitted one more crime: "...they called the policemen "cops, pigs, murderers", thus insulting their honour".

After this, every willful ally [of the state] motivated according to plan and guidance.

The city mayor, who asked the citizens to "take the law in their hands" [against the protesters], however wasn't himself sent to any prosecutor for motivation to illegal acts (so much for the "blind" justice).

The president of the Chamber of Commerce, who terrified every shop owner in the city, while everybody knew that no shop was hit in the city.

The "angry citizens", (plainsclothes policemen and far-right/neo-nazis) who leaked information about waves of "criminals", who armed themselves ready to lynch and threatened people with anonymous calls.

If we stay silent now...

along with the 25 young people that are our children, our students, our classmates, our fellow students, we are also put to trial, and condemned.

We understand that if we don't stand against this today, tomorrow we will be the next targets, whenever we will be protesting, striking, claiming.


  • We condemn the wide scale arrests and seizings of young people
  • We condemn the activation of the counter-terrorism law
  • We condemn the police and terrorism mentality that hovers over the city

We demand:
  • That all charges are dropped, and all the arrestees are released immediately
  • That the counter-terrorism law ceases to exist


από No justice, no peace 22/12/2008 6:52 πμ.

An open letter from the parent of an arrested minor
to the society of Larisa

11 underage kids [up until the moment the text was written] are charged for gross acts (forming an organization with a permanent and stable character, etc etc), with the events of Monday, December 8 as an excuse.

Some want to persuade us that there is an authority, and we citizens are powerless against it, without rights, without existence. They can ridicule and disgrace Justice and institutions without being punished.


The town's associations, the parties, the citizens should answer.
Later will be too late.
Everyone should come Monday at the City Council.
I will propose a declaration to be voted. Who will sign it?

11 underage students are accused that:
  • They threw stones and other objects to policemen who were guarding their march, while they caused damages to 36 banks, the post bank, two shops, a tobacco kiosk, the offices of Olympic Airways, the Town Hall, the court house, traffic lights and garbage bins.
  • They formed a team of persons (an organization) which was functioning on an organized base, with distributed roles, with a constant extrovert activity, that pursued arsons and offenses relative to explosive materials.
  • They subdued their personal will to the will of the criminal organization, they co-formed a uniform unit that conferenced and co-decided their acts, wore hoods, possessed bags full of stones, molotov cocktails, bottles and crowbars, were carrying wooden sticks and metal objects, and launched coordinated team attacks.
  • They didn't march occasionally, but on a permanent and stable basis and their infrastructure was of such extent and potential that they were in possession of various technical means of every kind, with which they jammed the police radio. The team could substitute and surrogate its members without itself being changed.
  • They prepared explosive bombs, and an undefined number of incendiary molotov cocktails.
  • They were illegally carrying weapons (that is, clubs, metal or wooden, which are considered weapons) despite the facts that this is prohibited.
Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

This is ridicule and disgracement of Justice
and Democracy!

We demand:
1. The immediate relieve of the children from the nightmare of these charges.
2. The punishment of those who reached the point of fabricating these charges and commited this crime against the children and the institutions.


από No justice, no peace 22/12/2008 6:56 πμ.

From "eleftheros typos" newspaper, which is right-wing and yet criticizes the activation of the counter-terrorism law.
The anti-terrorism law was activated for those who caused the riots in Larisa! Even for eleven minors that took part in the protest march. The highschool students (14-16 years old) are prosecuted as... terrorists, for the riots that took place Monday evening [8/12] in the center of the city.

Eight adults are also facing the same heavy charges for "forming a criminal organization" and "participating in a gang" (article 187A of the greek anti-terrorism law). Four of them were released under restrictive conditions and the rest were put to prison [in pre-trial custody], by recommendation of both the inquisitorial assistant and the prosecuting attorney, after their pleadings. The minors are prohibited from leaving the country, while all have to appear once a month at their domestic police station until their trial takes place.

The penal handling of the rioters that were arrested in Athens or other areas of Greece was completely different from the one that the accused for the riots in the city of Thessaly [Larissa] faced. There were prosecutions for felonies and yesterday [in Athens] five people were kept in custody after their pleadings, but noone was prosecuted under the law against organized crime [anti-terrorism law].

Judicial sources assert that this path was chosen so that the procedures will get completed sooner and the trials will take place without delays. The deduction that will be issued after the pre-judicial inquiry will be final. This means that the accused will have no more legal means to challenge it.

The list of charges against the 19 arrestees is revealing: "They took part in a public gathering and formed structured teams with continuous activity and distributed roles for the commitment of the offenses...".

The eleven minors (9 boys and 2 girls) and 8 adults were arrested during the march that took place 5 days ago [December 8/9] in protest for the death of Alexis Grigoropoulos.

"Most of the kids found themselves in a warp. Other kids at the time that were leaving their study centers, others while they were at a distance of 100m from their homes. Here in Larisa, the damages had nothing to do with stores. Damages were done to banks only" says Nestor Antoniou, member of the Antiracist Initiative.

In a similar case in Rhodes, where during the riots 4 students were arrested, the Prosecutor and the inquisitor sent the kids to the juvenile's supervisor, while 6 adults were released on a bail of 5.000 euros.

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