αύριο 6 η ώρα το απόγευμα ΟΛΟΙ ΣΤΗΝ ΠΡΕΣΒΕΙΑ ΤΩΝ ΣΙΩΝΙΣΤΩΝ



Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip have continued into a second day as Palestinian officials raised the number of dead to 271.

The high number of casualties made Saturday the single deadliest day in the Gaza Strip since Israel's occupation of the territory in 1967.

Most of those killed were members of the Hamas militant group, which controls Gaza, but women and children were also caught in the raids.

Military fighter jets have already targeted 210 sites since the operation began on Saturday, Israeli security sources said.

A government building, Gaza's main security complex, and the headquarters of a Hamas-owned satellite television channel were among the targets.

As the bombardment continued, the UN Security Council ended emergency talks with a call for an end to hostilities.

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Arab street angry over Gaza attacks

Tens of thousands gathered in Yemen to
protest against the Israeli attack [AFP]

Protesters across the Middle East have held a second day of demonstrations against Israel's military assault on the Gaza Strip.

In the occupied West Bank, one protester was killed and at least two others critically injured by Israeli fire at a protest near Ramallah on Sunday.

In Yemen, tens of thousands of people gathered in and around a stadium in the capital, Sanaa, chanting anti-Israeli slogans and criticising Arab leaders for failing to act.

"How long will the silence last? Arabs wake up!" read one banner.

The demonstration was backed by the ruling party, opposition groups and other organisations.



Action demanded

In Lebanon, hundreds of Lebanese and Palestinian refugees staged a sit-in near the United Nations office in central Beirut.

The protesters held banners calling on the global body to put pressure on Israel to end the attacks that have killed more than 280 people.

The protest was organised by the Lebanese-branch of the Muslim Gamaa group, along with Hamas and other groups. Lebanon is host to more than 400,000 Palestinian refugees living in 12 camps across the country.

Al Jazeera's Rula Amin, reporting from Beirut, said that people were demanding more decisive action from their leaders.

"From the people we have heard very critical remarks, not only against Israel, but also against Arab governments. Many were angry at the Egyptian government, they feel they needed to do more," she said. 

'Firm stand'

The Hezbollah movement, which fought a 33-day war with Israel in 2006, has condemned the attacks as a "war crime and a genocide that requires immediate action from the international community and its institutions".

"I'd like to say ... that Gaza will remain steadfast in the face of Americans and Zionists whatever the plots and conspiracies hatched by tyrants and arrogant enemies"

Dalil al-Qasoos, 
Palestinian ambassador to Iraq

In a statement, the group called on Arab countries to "take a firm stand and exert its utmost efforts against the Israeli barbarism - which is covered by the US - and the international community to stop this ongoing massacre".

The Arab League will not meet to discuss a common response to the Israeli assault until a summit in Doha, Qatar, on January 2.

Arab foreign ministers were due to hold an emergency meeting on Sunday, but the meeting was postponed until Wednesday.

Amr Moussa, the Arab League secretary-general, said the delay was because many ministers were busy in separate meetings of two Arab regional groups - the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) and the Maghreb Union.

"The time worries us very much because of the delay in holding the ministerial meeting but we will not remain silent and consultations are continuing," he said.

The attack will, however, be discussed by the GCC, which on Saturday described the situation as "barbaric" and "ugly".

Protest attacked

Demonstrations also took place across Iraq.

Dozens of Palestinian refugees gathered in Baghdad's eastern Baladiyad neighbourhood chanting anti-Israeli slogans and waving messages of support for Gaza.

Dalil al-Qasoos, the Palestinian ambassador to Iraq, said: "I'd like to say to my relatives and to my people in Gaza that Gaza will remain steadfast in the face of Americans and Zionists whatever the plots and conspiracies hatched by tyrants and arrogant enemies."

In Mosul, a suicide bomber blew himself up among a crowd of demonstrators killing at least four people and injuring 20 others, police said.

ΣΤΗΝ ΧΑΜΑΣ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Abbas blames Hamas for bloodshed
Abbas said Hamas were warned not to end the truce otherwise mayhem and bloodshed would follow [AFP]

Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, has blamed Hamas for triggering Israel's deadly raids on Gaza, by not extending a six-month truce with the Jewish state.

He also blamed Hamas, which controls the coastal Gaza Strip territory, for disrupting national unity talks that could have paved the way for general and presidential elections.

"We have warned of this grave danger," he said in Cairo, Egypt, on Sunday.

"We talked to them [Hamas] and we told them, 'please, we ask you, do not end the truce. Let the truce continue and not stop", so that we could have avoided what happened."

However, Fawzi Barhoum, a Hamas spokesman, said he was "surprised" by Abbas's claim.

"He downplayed the sufferings of our people in Gaza and belittled their pains, providing justification of the holocaust and war waged by Israel," he said.

Abbas, whose Fatah movement has been at loggerheads with Hamas, said maintaining the truce could have helped the Palestinians avoid the raids, which have so far killed more than 280 people over the past two days.

Nour Odeh, Al Jazeera's correspondent in Ramallah, reported that senior figures had supported Abbas in his call on Hamas not to abandon the truce.

She added that during an Israeli election year, a hardline position towards Palestinians has always won more seats, making the timing particularly risky for Hamas.

"Not just Abbas, but people close to the circles of decision-making in key Arab states, said that Hamas was warned that breaking the ceasefire or not keeping it would result in mayhem and bloodshed," she reported.

Ayman Mohyeldin, Al Jazeera's correspondent in Gaza, said the stance at all levels of the Hamas leadership was the same: "They will remain defiant in the face of any attacks and that the movement is larger that an single assault or attack.

"That they were democratically elected by the Palestinian people, and only through the ballot box will they leave the political scene."

Hamas argues that Israel violated the truce by failing to ease its 18-month blockade on the Gaza Strip.


Egypt's foreign minister has also blamed Hamas for preventing hundreds of wounded Palestinians from entering Egypt via the Rafah crossing for treatment - the only crossing that does not border Israel.

Ahmed Aboul Gheit said the wounded were "barred from crossing" and he blamed "those in control of Gaza" for putting the lives of the injured at risk.

Barhoum rejected Egypt's statements as an excuse for their 'inaction' towards Israel But Barhoum denied the accusations, saying that Aboul Gheit was taking advantage of the "massacre and the suffering", to "cover up the state of inaction in Egypt".

Odeh said two lines were being taken on the Palestinian-Israeli issue with Arab states divided between those supporting the Hamas line of armed resistance and not recognising Israel, and those that preferred non-confrontational options.

"More now than ever, they are divided along regional lines of competition of interests in which states are using the Palestinian paper to tug between one another and gain that regional influence.

"There is a lot of anger toward the helplessness and the realisation that in such dire times, Palestinians have been unable to set aside their political differences."

Ground operation

Dozens of tanks and personnel carriers were seen parked at several points near the boundary between Israel and Gaza on Sunday after Israel's defence minister warned it could launch a ground offensive in addition to its air bombardment.

Ehud Barak vowed to "expand and deepen" the bombing raids, unleashed in retaliation for persistent rocket fire into the south of the country from Gaza.

"If it's necessary to deploy ground forces to defend our citizens, we will do so," his spokesman quoted him as saying on Sunday.

The cabinet gave the green light to call up 6,500 reserve soldiers, a senior official told reporters after the meeting.

Jacky Rowland, Al Jazeera's corespondent in Jerusalem, said: "This move gives the Israeli army a lot of leeway to commit troops to this operation as and when they see fit.

"If the fundamental objective of Israel is to change the situation on the ground, clearly they will not be able to do that from the air, they will need to commit ground troops.

"When we look at the full range of air strikes, it does seem that any ground operation would indeed be far-ranging and involve hundreds of troops."

ΣΤΗΡΙΖΟΥΝ ΤΟΥΣ ΣΙΩΝΙΣΤΕΣ. ΔΕΙΤΕ ΤΙ ΛΕΝΕ ΡΕ!!!!!! τα πυραυλάκια-"πυροτεχνήματα" των παλαιστινίων στα καθίκια εποίκους που ΧΡΗΜΑΤΙΖΟΝΤΑΙ ΑΔΡΑ για να κάθονται σε οικισμούς-επαύλεις, ΚΑΤΑΝΑΛΩΝΟΝΤΑΣ ΤΟ ΝΕΡΟ ΤΩΝ ΠΑΛΑΙΣΤΙΝΙΩΝ (1 έποικος "πηδάει στην κυριολεξία" την ζωή 10.000 παλαιστίνιων) , υποτίθεται είναι η αιτία του ΝΑΖΙΣΤΙΚΟΥ - ΣΙΩΝΙΣΤΙΚΟΥ ΟΛΟΚΑΥΤΩΜΑΤΟΣ


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Έτσι φίλε
Σιωνισμός = Ναζισμός

Hamas calls for third intifada
Meshaal says Hamas is open to reconciliation
with Abbas

Khaled Meshaal, the political leader of Hamas, has called for Palestinians to wage a new intifada against Israel, including a return to suicide missions.

In an interview on Al Jazeera, Meshaal said: "We called for a military intifada against the enemy. Resistance will continue through suicide missions."

Meshaal's call came after Israel hammered Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip, killing at least 220 people in one of the bloodiest days of the decades-long Middle East conflict.

Meshaal said Hamas had accepted "all the peaceful options, but without results."

He said that for there to be any talks with the people of Gaza, "the blockade must be lifted and the crossings [from Israel] opened ... notably that in Rafah," which leads to Egypt.

Meshaal was referring to a blockade imposed on Gaza after Hamas full seized control of the overcrowded, impoverished strip from forces loyal to moderate Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas in June 2007.

The Hamas leader, who live in exile in Syria, said he was open to reconciliation with Abbas, but demanded that the Palestinian president cease negotiations with Israel.

"Neither rockets nor suicide operations are absurd, but negotiations are," he said.

Hamas has not carried out a suicide attack on Israel since January 2005.

The first intifada, or uprising, broke out in 1988, and was followed by the 1993 Oslo peace accords, which led to a certain degree of Palestinian autonomy with the creation of the Palestinian Authority.

A second intifada broke out in 2000 and eventually ran out of steam three years later.

ότι είναι έτοιμος για συνενόηση με τον ΑΜΠΑΣ, έγινε πριν το πουλημένο τομάρι, δωσίλογος ΑΜΠΑΣ βγει ανοιχτά να επιρρίψει τις ευθύνες της αιματοχυσίας στην ΧΑΜΑΣ.

να βλέπουν τι λέει τώρα ο μακελάρης τους, που στηρίζει με τα μπούνια τους σιωνιστές. Δείτε το παραπάνω βίντεο


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Όλοι στη συγκέντρωση διαμαρτυρίας
Αθηνα, Δευτέρα 29 Δεκεμβρίου 2008, 18:00
στάλθηκε από ενωση παλαιστινιων εργαζομενων

Ακριβής τοποθεσία:μπροστα απο την ισραηλινη πρεσβεια. Κατεχακη & Κηφησιας Διοργάνωση:Ενωση Παλαιστινιων Εργαζομενων & Παλαιστινιακες οργανωσεις

Η εικόνα εμφανίζεται σε σμίκρυνση (φυσικό μέγεθος)
-Να σταματήσει η βάρβαρη επίθεση των Ισραηλινών στη Γάζα
-Να αρθεί ο αποκλεισμός της Γάζας

Hezbollah fighters placed on alert
Nasrallah said Israel was either taking precautionary measures or preparing for an attack [AFP]

Hassan Nasrallah, the secretary-general of Hezbollah, has told his fighters to be on alert for any possible Israeli attack on Lebanon following raids on Gaza that have killed nearly 300 Palestinians.

Nasrallah told a gathering in Beirut's southern suburbs that the Israeli assault on Gaza was a carbon copy of its attacks on Lebanon during a 34-day war with Hezbollah in 2006.

About 1,200 people died in Lebanon and 158 in Israel in that conflict.

"I have asked the brothers in the resistance in the south specifically to be present, on alert and cautious because we are facing a criminal enemy and we don't know the magnitude of the conspiracies," Nasrallah said.

Speaking via video link for security reasons, Nasrallah said Israeli forces had gone on alert along the border with Lebanon since Saturday when the attack on Gaza began.

He said the Israelis were either taking precautionary measures or preparing for an attack in an attempt to avenge its failure to destroy Hezbollah in 2006.

"We are ready to face any aggression on our land, our country or our dignity," he said.

'Blunt truth'

"We will tell the world we are here, and terrorism and killing cannot intimidate us."

Hassan Nasrallah
Hezbollah leader

Rula Amin, Al Jazeera's correspondent in Lebanon, said Nasrallah wanted to talk to the Arab people "bluntly and truthfully".

"He said this attack by Israel is part of a larger US-Israeli plan to weaken Hamas, to impose upon the Palestinians and on Hamas to surrender and accept a settlement plan on Israeli terms.

"The harshest words he had were for the Arab regimes. He said some were 'partners in this plot'.

"He quoted Israeli officials saying that the support they were receiving from Arab countries to continue their attacks on Gaza was even stronger than the support received during the time when they were attacking Hezbollah in 2006.

"What he says echoes the sentiments on the Arab street. Today in Beirut, many of the harsh words were not only against Israel, but against Arab governments, who they say have been silent, standing by, and according to some protesters, taking part."

Call to Egyptians

Nasrallah urged Egyptians in their "millions" to take to the streets to force their government to open the country's border with Gaza, where Israel is conducting deadly air raids against Palestinians.

"If the Egyptian people took to the streets by the millions, could the police kill millions of Egyptians?

"People of Egypt, you must open this border by the force of your chests," he said.

The Hezbollah chief also called for a mass rally to be held in his movement's bastion in the Shia southern suburbs of Beirut on Monday in solidarity with the people of Gaza.

"We will tell the world we are here, and terrorism and killing cannot intimidate us," he said.

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6 wars - 6 πόλεμοι
4 million Palestinian Refugees - 4 εκατομμύρια πρόσφυγες
3 million Occupied - 3 εκατομμύρια υπό το ζυγό της κατοχής
254 km of an Apartheid Wall - 254 χιλιόμετρα το τείχος της Ντροπής, το τείχος του Απαρτχάιντ
562 Humiliation-check-points - 562 σημεία ελέγχου - εξεφτελισμού
20K Political-prisoners - 20 χιλιάδες πολιτικοί κρατούμενοι
468,831 new settlers on an Occupied land - 468.831 νέα πρόσφυγες κατεχόμενα εδάφη
Disappearance of Palestine- Αφανισμό της Παλαιστίνης

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Από το μεσημέρι του Σαββάτου όλη η Δυτ.Οχθη και η Αν.Ιερουσαλήμ συγκλονίζονται  από εκατοντάδες δυναμικές διαδηλώσεις συμπαράστασης στα τραγικά θύματα της σιωνιστικής θηριωδίας,στη Γάζα.

Παρά τη προσπάθεια του εκλεκτου των ΗΠΑ και Ισραήλ ,Μαχμουτ Αμπας,να επιρρίψει την ευθύνη των δολοφονικών βομβαρδισμών στη Χαμάς,οι Παλαιστίνιοι της Δυτ.Οχθης έχουν βγει στους δρόμους καίγοντας αυτοκίνητα,πετώντας μολότωφ και δίνοντας μάχες με τον Ισραηλινό στρατό,ο οποίος απαντά με πλαστικές ,αλλά και αληθινές σφαίρες.

Μέχρι στιγμής έχει γίνει αδιευκρίνιστος αριθμός συλλήψεων,ενώ  στη πόλη Ni Lin,o Ισραηλινός στρατός δολοφόνησε ένα Παλαιστίνιο και τραυμάτισε άλλους επτά,πυροβολώντας μάλιστα τον ένα από αυτούς ,εν ψυχρώ,στο κεφάλι.

ΠΗΓΗ:  maannews

Egypt cracks down on Gaza protest - Το καθεστώς Μουμπάρακ , ο αδύναμος κρίκος που θα σπάσει πρώτος

Egypt’s main Islamist party and other opposition groups are strengthening their appeal by using images of desperate Palestinians streaming out of the Gaza Strip to provoke wider protests against President Hosni Mubarak’s 26-year-old government.Demonstrations in Cairo and throughout the country by the Muslim Brotherhood and other political groups ostensibly have been staged to declare Egyptian solidarity with the residents of Gaza. But they are also aimed at weakening Mubarak, whom the groups accuse of oppression and criticize for economic shortcomings and close ties to Washington.
The sights of death and destruction in the besieged Gaza Strip struck close to the hearts of many Egyptians, especially with their government being accused of complicity in the latest Israeli crime. "Arab governments are complicit in what happens to the Palestinians," Ashraf Abdel Monem, who workers at a pharmaceuticals company, told IslamOnline.net. "These governments help Israel tighten its grip on the dispossessed Palestinians and kill them." At least 206 people have been killed and hundreds wounded in a series of Israeli air strikes against targets in Gaza Strip. The Palestinian resistance responded with rocket salvoes that killed one Israeli and wounded several others. But the images of Palestinians lying on the ground in the aftermath of the raids while blood was dispersed everywhere sent shockwaves in Egypt, a country that has officially signed a peace treaty with Israel almost 30 years ago, but continues to consider its northeastern neighbor an enemy on the public level. Abdel Monem joined several thousands of Egyptians, including opposition activists and MPS, who gathered outside the Journalists’ Syndicate in downtown Cairo to protest the latest Israeli crime. Many accused President Hosni Mubarak's regime of taking a spectator’s position while the blood of the Palestinians continues to be shed in the Gaza Strip. "Mubarak and (Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi) Livni have agreed on the genocide of the Palestinian people," read one banner. "Mubarak is an accomplice in attacks against the Palestinian people," read another. Livni met with Mubarak in Cairo on Thursday and said Israel would strike the Gaza Strip. The Egyptian regime has been criticized for closing down Rafah crossing, Gaza's only window to the outside world. In a rare occurrence, Mohamed Mahdi Akef, the supreme leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt's biggest opposition force, urged Arab governments to take action to stop "Zionist criminals of Israel." "Egypt should stop to welcome the Israelis here," Akef said. "It’s not logical that the Israelis kill our brothers and sisters in Palestine and we throw the red carpet for them here," he told IOL. Egypt condemned the Israeli onslaught, opening its Rafah border crossing to allow the wounded through for treatment. "We call for an immediate end to Israeli military operations. We cannot allow these attacks to continue," Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul Gheit said on state television.
"We cannot permit the murder of Palestinians."
Countering criticism that Egypt might have told Hamas Israel was not about to launch an attack, Abul Gheit said "Israel told the international community and its officials told the whole world of their intentions." Egypt summoned Israeli Ambassador Shalom Cohen to demand an end to the bombardment. Earlier, President Mubarak condemned "the Israeli military aggression on the Gaza Strip and blames Israel, as an occupying force, for the victims and the wounded." The MPs who took part in the protest said they will call for a special parliament session on the Israeli attacks. "We will continue to put pressure on Arab governments as well as the criminals of Israel until Palestine is free," said Abdel Monem Abul Fotouh, a member of the Doctors Union
The Egyptian Foreign Ministry is protesting demonstrations held in Syria over Egypt's role in the blockade of the Gaza Strip. The state-owned Middle East News Agency says Deputy Foreign Minister Abdel-Rahman Salah expressed concern about the demonstrations to the Syrian ambassador after summoning him to the ministry Tuesday. The agency quotes Salah as describing the protesters as mobs. Thousands of protesters, mostly Palestinian refugees, took part in demonstrations this week in Damascus demanding the closure be reversed. Israel and Egypt imposed a blockade on Gaza after the Islamic militant group Hamas seized power last year, ousting the forces of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.
Κτυπημένοι από Σιωνιστικό καθεστώς του Ισραήλ και προδομένοι από τους «αδελφούς» Αιγυπτίους , οι Παλαιστίνιοι πεθαίνουν μόνοι και αβοήθητοι στην Γάζα με τις εκκλήσεις της Δύσης και του ΟΗΕ για «αυτοσυγκράτηση» να ηχούν σαν την υπέρτατη ειρωνεία στον δρόμο προς τον δικό τους Γολγοθά. Το Δικτατορικό καθεστώς Μουμπάρακ , που έχει θρονιαστεί στην εξουσία για 10ετίες τρέμει , εφόσον οι κύριοι υποστηριχτές του Αμερικανοί και Ισραηλινοί, με τις ενέργειες τους , έχουν προκαλέσει κύματα οργής στον λαό της Αιγύπτου. Ο αδύναμος κρίκος θα σπάσει , έτσι δείχνουν τα πράγματα.

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