Φ.Κάστρο για Ομπάμα : "Κανείς δεν μπορεί να αμφισβητήσει την ειλικρίνεια των λόγων του"

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Reflections by comrade Fidel: THE 11TH PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES

Fidel Castro Ruz

This past Tuesday January 20, 2009, Barack Obama took on the leadership of the empire as the 11th President of the United States since the victory of the Cuban Revolution on January 1959.

No one could doubt the sincerity of his words as he stated that he would turn his country into a model of freedom and respect for human rights in the world and for the independence of other peoples. This, of course, could offend hardly anyone except for the misanthropes anywhere in the world. He has comfortably stated that imprisonment and torture at the illegal Guatanamo Base would cease right away. This has been raising doubts among those who worship terror as an indispensable instrument of his country’s foreign policy.
The smart and noble looks of the first African-American President of the United States from its foundation as an independent republic, two and one third of a century ago, had changed under the inspiration of Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King to become the living symbol of the American dream.
However, despite all he has been through, Obama has not taken the main test: What will he do when the immense power he now has proves to be absolutely useless to overcome the insoluble antagonist contradictions posed by the system?
I have reduced the number of Reflections as I intended this year to avoid interfering or getting in the way of the comrades from the Party and the State as they are called to make constant decisions to tackle the objective difficulties derived from the world economic crisis. I feel well but, I insist, none of them should feel constrained by my intermittent Reflections, my health condition or my death.

 I’m reviewing speeches and materials I have elaborated in the course of more than fifty years.
I have had the strange privilege of witnessing the events for this long. I receive information and I calmly meditate on the developments. I hope not to enjoy such privilege within four years when President Obama will have completed his first term.

Fidel Castro Ruz

January 22, 2009

6:30 p.m.

Επίσης και στην Ελευθεροτυπία :

Αντίστοιχες δηλώσεις είχε κάνει και ο αδερφός του Ραούλ:
έντιμος και ειλικρινής άνθρωπος ο Ομπάμα κατά τον Ρ.Κάστρο

Reflections of Fidel
Sailing against the tide

AFTER Obama’s speech to the Cuban-American National Foundation, created by Ronald Reagan, in the afternoon of May 23 this year, I wrote a reflection titled "The Cynical Politics of the Empire," dated the 25th of that month.

In it, I quoted his words to the Miami supporters of annexation: "Together we will stand up for freedom for Cuba; that is my word; that is my commitment… It’s time to let American money make the Cuban people less dependent upon the Castro regime. I will maintain the embargo."

After including several arguments and examples of the generally not-at-all ethical conduct of presidents that preceded the one elected to that office on November 4, I wrote:

"I am obliged to ask several delicate questions:

"First: is it correct for a president of the United States to order the assassination of any other person in the world, whatever the pretext?

"Second: is it ethical for a president of the United States to order the torture of other human beings?

"Third: is state terrorism an instrument that should be used by a powerful country like the United States so that there is peace on the planet?

"Fourth: is it good and honorable to have an Adjustment Act, applied like a punishment against one single country, Cuba, to destabilize it, even though it costs the lives of innocent children and mothers? If it is good, why not apply the automatic right to residency to Haitians, Dominicans and other Caribbean countries, and do the same with the Mexicans, Central Americans and South Americans who are dying like flies on the Mexican border wall or in the waters of the Atlantic and the Pacific?

"Fifth: can the United States dispense with immigrants, who grow vegetables, fruit, almonds and other delicacies for the U.S. people? Who would sweep their streets, provide domestic services and carry out the worst and lowest-paid jobs?

"Sixth: is it fair to have raids against undocumented immigrants, even affecting children born in the United States?

"Seventh: is it moral and justifiable to rob talent and continuously extract the best scientific and intellectual minds from poor countries?

"Eighth: You affirm that your country warned the European powers some time ago that it would not permit interventions in the hemisphere and at the same time you reiterate the demand to that right, simultaneously claiming the right to intervene in any part of the world with the support of hundreds of military bases; air, naval and space forces spread around the globe. I ask you: is that the way the United States expresses its respect for freedom, democracy and human rights?

"Ninth: is it fair to make surprise and preventive attacks against 60 or more dark corners of the world, as Bush calls them, whatever the pretext?

"Tenth: is it honorable and sane to invest millions of dollars in the military-industrial complex to produce weapons that can wipe out life on Earth several times over?

I could have included several more questions.

Despite my caustic inquiries, I have always been pleasant to the African-American candidate, in whom I saw much more ability and mastery of the art of politics than in his rivals, not only in the opposing party, but also in his own.

Last week, the president-elect of the United States, Barack Obama, announced his Economic Recovery Program.

On Monday December 1, he presented the one for national security, and at the same time, the one for foreign policy.

"Biden and I are pleased to announce our national security team… Our old conflicts remain unresolved. And newly-asserted powers have put strains on the international system. The spread of nuclear weapons raises the peril that the world's deadliest technologies could fall into dangerous hands. Our dependence on foreign oil empowers authoritarian governments and endangers our planet.

"Our economic power must sustain our military strength, our diplomatic leverage, and our global leadership.

"We will renew old alliances and forge new and enduring partnerships… American values are America’s greatest export to the world.

"The team that we've assembled here today is uniquely suited to do just that.

"These men and women represent all of those elements of American power…They've served in your uniform and as diplomats…They share my pragmatism about the use of power and my sense of purpose about America's role as a leader in the world.

"I know Hillary Clinton," he says.

For my part, I have not forgotten that she was the rival of president-elect Barack Obama and the wife of President Clinton, who endorsed the extraterritorial anti-Cuba Torricelli and Helms-Burton Acts. During her fight for the candidacy, she committed herself to those laws and to the economic blockade. I am not complaining; I am just noting that fact.

"I am proud that she will be our next secretary of state," Obama continued. "She…will command respect in every capital, and will clearly have the ability to advance our interests around the world. Hillary's appointment is a sign to friend and foe of the seriousness of my commitment…

"At a time when we face unprecedented transition amidst two wars, I've asked Secretary Robert Gates to continue as secretary of defense…

"I will be giving Secretary Gates and our military a new mission as soon as I take office – responsibly ending the war in Iraq through a successful transition to Iraqi control."

I find it striking that Gates is a Republican and not a Democrat; the only person who has held the offices of secretary of defense and director of the Central Intelligence Agency, and who has held various posts in administrations led by either party. Gates, who knows he is popular, says that first he made sure the president-elect would choose him for as long as necessary.

At the same time as Condoleezza Rice was going to India and Pakistan with Bush’s instructions to mediate in the tense relations between those countries, the Brazilian defense minister authorized a Brazilian company to produce MAR-1 missiles, but five per month instead of one — as they have done until now — to sell Pakistan 100 missiles worth an estimated total of 85 million euros.

"These missiles are carried by aircraft and designed to locate radar on the ground. They are a very effective way of monitoring space and also the (Earth’s) surface," were the minister’s words in his public statement.

Obama, for his part, remains unflappable in his Monday statement: "Going forward, we will continue to make the investments necessary to strengthen our military and increase our ground forces to defeat the threats of the 21st century."

Regarding Janet Napolitano, he said that she "offers the experience and executive skills we need in the next secretary of homeland security…

"Janet assumes this critical role having learned the lessons, some of them painful, of the last several years from 9-11 to Katrina… she understands as well as anyone the danger of an unsecure border. And she will be a leader who can reform a sprawling department while safeguarding our homeland.

This well-known figure had been appointed by Clinton as United States Attorney for the District of Arizona in 1993 and rose to state attorney general in 1998. She was nominated by the Democratic Party in 2002 and later elected governor of that border state, which is the most transited point of entry for undocumented immigrants. She was reelected governor in 2006.

Regarding Susan Elizabeth Rice, he said: "Susan knows the global challenges we face demand global institutions that work… We need the United Nations to be more effective" — he affirms disdainfully — "as a venue for collective action against terror and proliferation, climate change and genocide, poverty and disease."

Regarding James Jones, his national security advisor, he said: "I am convinced that General James Jones is uniquely suited to be a strong and skilled national security adviser. Generations of Joneses have served heroically on the battlefield from the breech beaches of Tarawa in World War II to Fox Trot Ridge in Vietnam. Jim’s Silver Star is a proud part of that legacy… He has commanded a platoon in battle, served as supreme allied commander in a time of war" — referring to NATO and the Gulf War — "and worked on behalf of peace in the Middle East.

"Jim is focused on the threats of today and the future. He understands the connection between energy and natural security and has worked on the front lines of global instability from Kosovo to Northern Iraq to Afghanistan. He will advise me and work effectively to integrate our efforts across the government so that we are effectively using all elements of American power to defeat unconventional threats and promote our values.

"I am confident that this team is what we need to make a new beginning for American national security."

A discussion with Obama can take place wherever he should wish, given that we are not preachers of violence and war. He should be reminded that the theory of the carrot and the stick will not have any effect in our country.

None of the statements in his most recent speech contain elements of response to the questions I asked on May 25, just six months ago.

I will not say now that Obama is less intelligent; on the contrary, he is demonstrating the faculties that allowed me to see and compare his abilities with those of his mediocre adversary, John McCain, whom U.S. society was about to award for his "heroic feats" purely for reasons of tradition. Without the economic crisis, without television and Internet, Obama was not going to win the elections and overcome omnipotent racism. Neither would he have done so without his studies first at Columbia University, where he earned a degree in political science, and then at Harvard, where he earned a law degree, which allowed him to become a man of the modestly wealthy class, with just a few million dollars. He was certainly not Abraham Lincoln, and these times are not the same as those, because today it is a consumer society, where the savings habit has been lost and the spending one has become multiplied.

Someone had to give a serene and calm answer, which now must navigate the powerful tide of hopes that Obama aroused in international public opinion.

All that I need to do is analyze the most recent cables. They are all bringing fresh news that is springing up all over. I estimate that the United States alone will spend more than $6 trillion in paper money on this economic crisis, money that can only take value for the other peoples of the world with sweat, hunger, suffering and blood.

Our principles are the ones of Baraguá. The empire should know that our country may be turned into dust, but the sovereign rights of the Cuban people are not negotiable.

Fidel Castro Ruz
December 4, 2008
5:28 p.m.

Translated by Granma International

- Reflections oF Fidel


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